Paru Itagaki’s Drip Drip: A Strange, but Fascinating Look Into A Woman’s Journey for Intimacy

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Also, a warning that this review will contain Mature Themes.

Today’s review finds us exploring a strange area in Life, Love and Intimacy. Paru Itagaki brings us a story called “Drip Drip” about a young woman named Mako Higari , who has a strange problem. Whenever she comes across something she perceives as dirty, she gets a massive nosebleed. It is a big problem when you’re trying to find a partner or a meaningful relationship, whenever she tries to touch another person Higari bleeds uncontrollably. Can she find a way to stop this problem? Her first challenge will be learning to love herself.

From the creator who brought you BEASTARS brings you a story of a woman’s attempt to find love but with a horrible problem stems from the belief that her mother told her at an early age, that all men, money, and sex were filthy and not to be touched, when she does touch either one her nosebleeds uncontrollably to the brink of passing out.

While there are a lot of exaggerated situations in this manga, it does tackle several familiar situations that people have come across in their lives, infidelity, mental abuse, and intimacy. At a first glance, Mako comes across as someone who is “easy” and quick to jump into bed with any man she comes across but once you get further into the story you realize why she is going to great lengths in trying to have sex and that is trying to stop the problem.

Similar to Itagaki’s other stories, there is a solid emotional base to this single-volume story. This story is layered with generational trauma, the societal norms we have sought for ourselves, and how it intersects with fetishism and the individual approach to attraction and fulfillment. This story felt like more of something that the creator wanted to get out of her system, perhaps something she has studied in the past. Nevertheless, this was fascinating to read.

As for the artwork, I love her cartoonish art style that is blended in with an inky approach to it, to be specific, the tone of the story. The way Mako just bluntly spelled it out that it was generational trauma instantly makes the reader realize that for a story like this, it is warranted to be like this due to the strange feelings that were being represented in this story.

As a bonus, this book has two fun short stories to add to it. The first story was about Santa Claus and a Sex Worker. Yes, it sounds strange to have it in the same sentence, but there was more to the story than you’d expect. Finally, the other story was about how Drip Drip was created.

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Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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