The Supernatural Comedy Manga, Undead Unluck to Get A TV Anime


This year’s 39th Issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump started with a monumental announcement regarding Yoshifumi Tozuka’s Supernatural Comedy, Undead Unluck. It will be getting its TV Anime in 2023!

Also in the newest issue was a teaser visual, accompanied by a message from the series creator. Jump Comics Youtube Channel also shared a promotional video to promote not only the tv anime but to promote the thirteenth volume.

According to the announcement, David Productions (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, Fire Force) will be handling the animation production for the series, while UNLIMITED PRODUCE by TMS will be producing and planning the anime. Tozuka published the manga in Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine as a One Shot in January 2019, then was launched as a serialized series in January 2020. As of September 2022, the series will consist of thirteen tankobon volumes. Viz Media publishes the manga digitally and releases the chapters on their Shonen Jump App, and is available on Sueisha’s Manga Plus App (it is also part of the First Read Free Campaign.)

Undead Unluck Anime Teaser V
Image Credit: Crunchyroll

All Fuuko wants is a passionate romance like the one in her favorite shojo manga. Unfortunately, her Unluck ability makes that impossible. But just as Fuuko hits rock bottom, Andy sweeps her off her feet—literally! Now she’s become Andy’s unwilling test subject as he works to find a way to trigger a stroke of Unluck big enough to kill him for good. However, when the pair discovers a secret organization is hunting them, it puts Andy’s burial plans on hold.

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