Kamen Rider Geats Cast and Theme Song Artists also Revealed Ahead of Premiere


It’s certainly a big year for the Kamen Rider Franchise, first with the Kamen Rider Zero-One series making its return over at Titan Comics, and now, a new update for the upcoming series, Kamen Rider Geats.

First reported at Tokusatsu Network and the Press Event that was held on August 7th, the cast and theme song artists were announced during the event.

The theme music will be performed by two artists. One will be performed by R&B Singer Koda Kuma, and the other will be performed by the Reggae group Shonan-no-Kaze.



Ace Ukiyo / Kamen Rider GeatsHideyoshi Kan

Kamen Rider Geats- Ace Ukiyo / Kamen Rider Geats
Image Credit: Tokusatsu Network

Keiwa Sakurai / Kamen Rider TycoonRyuga Sato

Kamen Rider Geats- Keiwa Sakurai / Kamen Rider Tycoon
Image Credit: Tokusatsu Network

Neon Kurama / Kamen Rider Na-goYuna Hoshino

Kamen Rider Geats- Neon Kurama / Kamen Rider Na-go
Image Credit: Tokusatsu Network

Michinaga Azuma / Kamen Rider BuffaKazuto Mokudai

Kamen Rider Geats- Michinaga Azuma / Kamen Rider Buffa
Image Credit: Tokusatsu Network

TsumuriKokoro Aoshima

Kamen Rider Geats- Tsumuri
Image Credit: Tokusatsu Network

Girori Shugo Oshinari

Kamen Rider Geats- Girori
Image Credit: Tokusatsu Network

The series will serve as the fourth entry in the Reiwa Kamen Rider series, following Kamen Zero-One, Kamen Rider Saber, and Kamen Rider Revice. Kamen Rider Geats is set to premiere on September 4th, 2022 in Japan on TV Asahi, following the series finale of Kamen Rider Revice.

Kamen Rider Geats Key Visual
Image Credit: TV Asahi

Who will be the true hero?

Rampage Stylishly in the Survival Game!

The White Fox Rider, Kamen Rider Geats, is born!!

Entrants are thrown into a survival game to uphold peace! The winner is the true hero!

The “Desire Grand Prix” is a game to protect the peace of the city from the threat of the mysterious enemy “Jamato,” whose origin and purpose are unknown. Many participants transform into Kamen Riders and compete for points by defeating enemies and saving people to win the game. The winner of the Desire Grand Prix will be rewarded with “the privilege to realize their ideal world.” In other words, only the winners, the true heroes, will be able to create the world they wish for.

Survival games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends are popular video game genres with children, and the unpredictable and thrilling nature of the genre is coming together with Kamen Rider this year! The “White Fox” is the key motif for Kamen Rider Geats, donned by the mysterious youth Ace Ukiyo. With the air and composure of a genius, he declares that he “will be the one to win in the end.”

Source: Tokusatsu Network

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