First Look at The Mystery of Ultraseven Issue One


It’s almost here, the newest chapter in Marvel and Tsuburaya Productions’ Collaboration Ultraman Comic book series, The Mystery of Ultraseven. This new announcement from Ultraman Connection is a first look at the first issue of the upcoming Five Issue Limited Series.

In the newest first look are unlettered pages that feature the artwork of Davide Tinto, one of the best artists in the industry today. It also reveals countless surprises in store for Ultraman fans, The first page depicts the Land of Light, the homeworld of the Ultras in the M78 Nebula, beautifully realized from the TV series themselves. We can even catch a glimpse of the Plasma Spark Tower in the background of one of the panels.

Making his Marvel Debut is the Father of Ultra, also known as Ultra Ken. A fun fact for those who aren’t familiar with the series, Father of Ultra is also the Top Commander of the Inter Galactic Defense Force. It will also feature two Kaiju that fans will recognize. The first one is Eleking (Resembling his appearance from the Ultraman MAX series), and the winged Kaiju, Aron, who first appeared in the Ultraseven TV series. Aron is a minion of the Alien Guts meant to test Seven’s powers, but the beast has rarely recurred in the franchise.


Ultraseven will be celebrating its 55th Broadcast Anniversary in October! What a better way to celebrate Seven by not only watching his series but also purchasing the first issue of this new limited comic series, available on August 17th! It will also be a double-sized issue!

  • The Mystery of UltraSeven Preview Page 1
  • The Mystery of UltraSeven Preview Spread Page
  • The Mystery of UltraSeven Preview Page 3
  • The Mystery of UltraSeven Main Cover
  • The Mystery of UltraSeven Issue One Variant Cover- Francesco Manna
  • The Mystery of UltraSeven Issue One Variant Cover- Nick Roche

Written by Kyle Higgins & Mat Groom 
Art by Davide Tinto, David Lopez & Gurihiru, Cover by E.J. Su

Giant Kaiju roam, a sinister conspiracy consolidates power, and there’s nobody left to stop it — because Ultraman is GONE! How did the situation go so wrong…? And how can the United Science Patrol claw their way back from the brink? The answers lie in the appearance of an enigmatic new Ultra and a secret that has remained hidden for decades. From distant stars to lost dimensions, untangling this twisted web will require Shin Hayata to go farther and fight harder than ever before.

Source: Ultraman Connection, Marvel Entertainment

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