TBS, Naver, and Shine To Launch Webtoon Production Company, Studio TooN


In recent news, Japan’s Tokyo Broadcasting System said it would be partnering with Naver Webtoon, South Korea’s leading Digital Comic Platform, and Tokyo Based Manga Production House Shine Partners to launch a new Webtoon Company.

According to Variety and PR Times, the new company will be called Studio TooN. It will be based in South Korea, and the joint venture will plan and make webtoons with Japanese and Korean creators for the global market. One of TBS’s aims in launching the company, its first such venture in Korea, is to produce TV dramas, anime, and other content from the webtoons.

Image Credit: PR Times

The new company, Studio TooN, will begin operations in June of this year, with Shine Partners President Keita Iwamoto serving as CEO.

“When webtoon works are visualized, there is a synergy effect as the number of readers increases, we are delighted to be partnering with TBS, Japan’s leading content production company.”

Kim Junkoo, Naver Webtoon CEO

Originating in South Korea as comics for smartphones and other digital devices, webtoons have since spread around the world.    

A member of the Naver group, Korea’s largest tech company, Naver Webtoon is the world’s biggest webtoon platform, boasting 82 million active users. The company’s webtoons, including “True Beauty,” “Hellbound” and “All of Us Are Dead,” have been adapted into hit films and TV series. 

Naver Webtoon previously announced plans to establish another joint venture in Japan, Studio Dragon Japan, together with Korean partners CJ ENM and its Studio Dragon offshoot.  

TBS is one of Japan’s five major terrestrial broadcasting stations. Established in 2016, Shine Partners is Japan’s only company specializing in webtoon production. Its original titles include “Revenge Love” and “It Always Rains on Big Days.” 

Source, Images: Variety, PR Times

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