Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Volume Two- Dai and Popp’s Adventure Continues

Dragon Quest Volume Two Cover

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Continuing from the last review, we find Dai and Popp rescuing a young girl from vicious creatures, but unfortunately for the trio, they got lost in a forest. But, luckily, a young lady named Maam, who was from the same village as the girl came to help the trio.

Popp and Maam immediately got off on the wrong foot. Even though she invited the boys to come to stay in the village for the night. Popp turned down the offer and took Dai deep into the forest. Later, we learned that Maam was not only a disciple of Avan, but her parents were part of Avan’s party. Her mother was a priest, and her father was a warrior.

During the battle with Crocodine, the trio has to learn to work together, or the village perishes.

The second volume collects sixteen ‘tales’ and a spell compendium, this also collects the first battle with the Dark Army, and the Furfang Legion commander Crocodine.

Dai and his new companion Popp run into trouble after setting out for Romos. The magical gun-wielding warrior priest Maam lends unexpected help, but that isn’t her only surprise—she also has a history with Avan! The trio must learn to work together or face defeat at the hands of Furfang Legion commander Crocodine…


This volume also serves well on the character building, especially for Popp’s case, he isn’t much of a well-liked character at the beginning due to his pride getting in the way of things, and can be too much of a coward at times. but he was there when his friends needed him the most. He became an important part of the story during the final battle with Crocodine, who abandoned his pride and accepted the help from Zaborea.


Another thing that I enjoyed about this volume was the introduction of Maam, she wasn’t written to be a “damsel in distress”, insecure about her looks, or trying to impress the guys. Like Popp, she looked up to their master, and thanks to this volume, we got to learn more about her background since most of the story was set up in her village.

Dragon Quest: Adventure of Dai Volume Two was another strong continuation of the story. While there was plenty of action to go around, the volume offers plenty of character building and world establishment. If you enjoyed the first volume and the anime, you’re in for a fun ride!

Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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