Police in a Pod, That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime won in the 46th Kodansha Manga Awards


The popularity of manga has gotten bigger over the past few years, and sometimes it can be hard to pick up a new series to read. This is where the 46th Annual Kodansha Awards come in, and the winners of the Boys, Girls, and General categories have been revealed.

For the Boys, Category comes Fuse’s That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime manga adaption by Taiki Kawakami. This Manga has picked up multiple anime adaptions (which are currently available on Crunchyroll!) And a new anime film which will premiere in November.

Corporate worker Mikami Satoru is stabbed by a random killer, and is reborn to an alternate world. But he turns out to be reborn a slime! Thrown into this new world with the name Rimuru, he begins his quest to create a world that’s welcoming to all races.

In the Girls Category was Rikichi’s Nina the Starry Bride manga series. This Joesi series is currently serialized in Kodansha’s Be Love Magazine and was also released to English Audiences.

Nina had a rough start to life, stealing to survive—and eventually being sold into slavery by her own brother. But to her surprise, her captor, Prince Azure, ordained that she would live the life of a princess…specifically, that of the recently deceased princess-priestess, Alisha. But despite her changing fortune, Nina won’t give up her old life without a fight…and Azure might just be the one to finally match her wits. But how much can she trust Azure? And can she stop the feelings budding in her heart, knowing she must eventually marry another…?


The final prize handed out was a General category, with Miko Yasu‘s Police in a Pod taking out the honors. The series has released 20 volumes in Japan and inspired a live-action TV series that finished in September 2021, with a TV anime airing in January 2022. Kodansha releases the series in English.

Female police officer Kawai had enough of a career she wasn’t even that into and was about to hand in her registration when the unthinkable happened—she met the new, female director of her station! And after spending a little time with this gorgeous role model, Kawai realizes that maybe she isn’t quite done being an officer after all.

Source: Crunchyroll, Comic Natalie

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