The Blue Period Exhibition’s Newest Visuals Showcase Work from Art Students Across Japan


Fans of the Blue Period Manga Series (and anime) are in for a treat this summer. The brand new exhibition is opening at Tokyo’s Warehouse TERRADA G1 Building. The Exhibition is called “Blue Period Exhibition -Art is a gift?-” the best part about this exhibition is that it tapped up and coming artists from prep schools across Japan to create its visuals.

The Exhibition debuted six key visuals, each based on a manga cover. The art collages are comprised of individual works from 34 art students across multiple media including charcoal, pencil, and oil paint:


All 34 individual pieces will be on display, the in-person exhibition will let Blue Period fans enjoy 50 works of art integral to the series, as well as immersive theater and art commentary harkening back to the story and the journey of its protagonist. There will also be a digital tie-in, with special videos and virtual exhibits.

The exhibit will begin on June 18th and run until September 27th at Tokyo’s Warehouse TERRADA G1 Building. You can find more information on the exhibition at the links listed below:

Source: Crunchyroll

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