Happy Tank and Tsuburaya Productions bring REDMAN to Comic Book Shelves this June!


In a new announcement from Tsuburaya Productions, the Japanese Special Effects Company and Happy Tank (the Behemoth Comics imprint behind the hit series MFKZCinnamon, and Until My Knuckles Bleed) are teaming up to bring the classic Kyodai Hero Series, REDMAN, to Comic Book Shelves in a comic book series.

The original REDMAN television miniseries made its debut on April 24th, 1972, and consisted of 138 episodes, Its penchant for unusual treatment of its main hero as well as for the creatures he dispatched each episode led to the show finding status as a cult hit and internet phenomenon. Writer/Artist Matt Frank (Godzilla, Transformers) aka the King of Kaiju, and Artist Goncalo Lopes bring the Tokusatsu hero back to life in the pages of a new comic series and no Kaiju is safe!

“I’m so happy that Redman is getting to find new fans in America. This comic was a massive amount of fun and a real creative challenge for me, so hopefully new audiences in a tokusatsu-appreciative world will enjoy it!”

Matt Frank, Writer/Artist

Kevin Roditeli, the Publisher at Happy Tank, shared his excitement about bringing REDMAN onto the Comic Book Scene, which the series is set to debut on June 29th, 2022.

We are excited to bring Redman into the hands of comic readers. It is one of the most fascinating Tokusatsu heroes ever. Thanks to Phase Six and Night Shining. The first time I watched an episode of Redman, I remember rewatching it 5 times in a row. I was totally fascinated by the character and how it was directed. Matt Frank nailed the vibes in comics. I can’t wait for fans of Ultraman, Godzilla, and Power Rangers to jump into the universe of the most brutal Tokusatsu. LONG LIFE TO REDMAN.’’

Kevin Roditeli, Publisher at Happy Tank

Happy Tank and Phase Six are actively developing new Tsuburaya Productions content for the United States market including Dinosaur War Izenborg produced by Frank and Hiroshi Kanatani, which is planned for release next year.

This isn’t the first time that Tsuburaya Productions has collaborated with a Comic Book Publishing Company, Tsuburaya collaborated with Marvel to bring another well-known figure in the Tokusatsu/Kyodai Hero Genre, Ultraman, with a brand new Comic Book Series that is set to return in Summer 2022 with the Mystery of Ultra Seven.

You can preorder Redman #1 now at your local comic book store or any online retailer!

  • RedMan Issue One Cover- Main Cover
  • RedMan Issue One Cover- Variant Cover A, Matt Frank
  • RedMan Issue One Cover- Variant Cover C, Jesse Wittenrich
  • RedMan Issue One Cover- Variant Cover D, Matt Frank
  • RedMan Issue One Preview Page One
  • RedMan Issue One Preview Page Two
  • RedMan Issue One Preview Page Three
  • RedMan Issue One Preview Page Four
  • RedMan Issue One Preview Page Five
  • RedMan Issue One Preview Page Six

Source: Tsuburaya Productions, Happy Tank

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