Hand-Drawn: Documentary to be also featuring Japanese Anime Industry Luminaries on the impact of Hand-Drawn Animation


A Brand New Feature-Length Documentary is currently in the final stages of production in Japan, featuring Japanese Animation Luminaries on the impact of hand-drawn animation that uses pencils, ink, paper, and cels. Also included in this documentary are key artists and animators from the US, Canada, and Europe.

Currently, the Hand-Drawn Documentary is being crowdfunded on MotionGallery, a Japanese Crowdfunding Platform that is similar to IndieGoGo (which the Hand-Drawn Documentary also has a campaign over there too,) and it reached its current crowdfunding goal of one million yen and sits at ¬•1,945,601 with 55 days remaining on the campaign.


Documentary Film Director, Felicity Morland is continuing to raise funds to complete further post-production work on the film before the documentary’s planned to release later this year.

Hand-Drawn: Documentary is an upcoming feature documentary film all about the current world of hand-drawn animation. Discover the persistence, challenges, and recent resurgence of this art form, evolving through new styles and approaches, in efforts from animators from all walks of life, from the USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan.‚ÄčThe film examines what continues to draw us to this classic technique. Throughout, we focus on the connections between animator and animation, links between the old and new, to better understand why hand-drawn animation still resonates with us.

James Baxter, Tomm Moore, Floyd Norman, Aya Suzuki, Benjamin Renner, Mamoru Hosoda, Tina Nawrocki, and Glen Keane are among the 40+ animators we have interviewed. Hearing these lesser-heard animator’s stories will inspire many to take a closer look at the world of hand-drawn animation.”

Source: Crunchyroll

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