Ashita no Joe Creator Tetsuya Chiba Successfully undergoes Heart Surgery


There is good news, coming in from Ashita no Joe Creator, Tetsuya Chiba. In a new blog post on Saturday, the manga creator gave fans an update regarding his recent heart surgery. According to his blog post, Chiba underwent surgery to put a stent in his coronary artery on Thursday, the surgery was a success, and was released from the hospital on Friday.

Chiba was admitted to a hospital in Tokyo back in November, the mangaka mentions that he wasn’t feeling well after the summer ended last year. He stated that he started having abnormalities one after another in his heart valve, coronary artery, and throat. He then started treatment for a tumor in his throat.


Chiba went on to say that it is getting harder for him to walk but, he still feels energetic. He added that, depending on the situation, he would be returning to the hospital again in February, for rehabilitation. Because of the pandemic, he and his elderly dog Jirō are taking care and are refraining from going out much. According to Anime News Network, Chiba’s Hinemosu Notari Nikki manga went on hiatus for this year’s third, fourth, and fifth issues of Shogakukan’s Big Comic magazine, and will resume in the sixth issue on March 10th. Most recently, a Documentary premiered that went over his most famous work, Ashita no Joe, focuses on the influence of the Ashita no Joe manga on the Japanese student movement during the late Sixties as well as its impact on other famous cultural figures such as poet/playwright Shūji Terayama (who planned a real-life funeral for Joe’s rival Rikiishi), author Mitsuyo Kakuta, and marathon runner Yuko Arimori.

Here’s to Mr. Tetsuya, we hope for a speedy recovery, and hope you get better soon! Thank you for everything that you do.

Source: Anime News Network, Chiba Tetsuya’s blog

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