Chiba City Police Arrest Photographer Who Allegedly Drugged and Assaulted Six Cosplayers


*Warning, the news article you’re about to read contains descriptions of sexual assault and rape.*

News coming in from Anime News Network and Chiba Nippo, that the Chiba City Police have arrested and charged a 49-Year-Old Male on suspicion of “Quasi Rape” (the legal term in Japan for forced sexual attempts on individuals who are unconscious or unable to resist) and the attempted “Quasi Rape” of at least six female cosplayers.

Authorities have stated that the suspect, Daisuke Kuroiwa, allegedly contacted the cosplayers at cosplay events, offering to photograph them inside his car. He would supposedly offer them an unopened drink bottle, and then slip an incapacitating drug into the drink when the cosplayers were not looking. The suspect confessed at the time of his arrest that he targeted “girls who didn’t stand out, and hung around in the back corners of an event.”

The police began their investigation after one of the suspect’s victims came forward to the police in spring last year. The police stated that the suspect had assaulted at least six girls and women in their teens and 20s (including high school-aged girls) between February 11th, 2020, and July 8th, 2021.

Source: Anime News Network, Chiba Nippo

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