Thank you for being a friend, Actress Betty White Passed away at 99


Truly the year 2021 was the absolute worse. In the year’s final act, it took a beloved Hollywood Icon with it, Actress Betty White has passed away at age 99. Betty White was ready to celebrate her 100th Birthday in a few weeks, then just before 9:30 am, Law Enforcement confirmed that the beloved actress passed away at her home, due to natural causes.

Betty was born in Oak Park, Illinois on January 17th, 1922, to Christine Tess and Horace Logan White. She and her family moved to California when she was one and she went to school at the Beverly Hills Unified School District until she graduated in 1939.

Betty White was a Trailblazer, a Pioneer in Media, and a career spanning Eight Decades, Betty, had the longest-running career in Television before her death, her career spanning back to 1939, where she got her start in Radio Shows such as “Blondie”, ” The Great Gildersleeve”, and “This Is Your FBI”. She would eventually get her very own radio show, along with working on a Television Variety Show with Al Jarvis called ” Hollywood on Television”. Which she would eventually co-host, before breaking out into other TV roles which included her work on Gameshows such as, To Tell the Truth, I’ve Got a Secret, Match Game, and Password.


Her breakout comedic role came in 1973 when she played Sue Ann Nivens on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, which ran until 1977, then she got her starring role in “The Betty White Show.” She would eventually land the role of St. Olafian, Rose Nylund in the Award-winning series, The Golden Girls, White was also known for her work as an Animal Welfare Advocate and a Gay Rights Supporter.

Throughout her legendary career, White paved the way – in front and behind the cameras – for other women to rise to stardom. She also decided to hire an African American performer by the name of Arthur Duncan for The Betty White Show in 1954, which was a controversial choice for many. She would not be deterred, even when pressured by viewers to remove him from the show, saying, “I’m sorry. Live with it.”

Betty White had 115 acting credits to her name, winning Five Primetime Emmy Awards, along with Screen Actors Guild Awards, American Comedy Awards, and even a 2012 Grammy. She would also be nominated for several Golden Globes, a Lifetime Achievement Award, and receive so many more throughout her Legendary Career.

Thank you for everything Betty White, for being an outstanding role model, and for all of the work you’ve accomplished.


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