Cells at Work! White Brigade Volume One: A Good Balance of Humor and Biology

Cells at Work White Brigade Volume One Cover

Before we begin this review, I would like to thank Kodansha for the Opportunity to review this Manga.

So far I’ve reviewed Cells at Work! Code Black Volume One, now let’s jump into another story in the Cells at Work! Franchise: Cells at Work! White Brigade Volume One. Written and illustrated by Tetsuji Kanie and the Original Concept by Akane Shimizu, have you always wondered about who keeps your body safe? Why it’s those fine, upstanding white blood cells from the White Brigade! In this story, we follow these fellows on their journey to eliminate everything that makes you sick!

We follow a Band Cell that joins the “White Brigade” and through his eyes, we get to see what happens on a usual day for the White Blood Cell. What we get is intense bacteria-fighting, eating, etc. But it’s not all action, there are humorous moments such as the game of tag (it’s crazy, but it’s good for training! Ask 1146!)


As mentioned previously, 1146 and several other bacteria, viruses, and cells also make a guest appearance in this series as Ban learns the ropes of how a white blood cell protects the body. It has a great blend of humor and biology and gives mini-lessons as the chapter goes on. Speaking of the chapters, they share a similarity to the Original Material where it isn’t written to be chaptered storytelling, where most of the stories are stand-alone. Overall, this is one story I would recommend for Cells at Work! Fans, a good bonding story, good humor, and gives fans something to look forward to in each chapter.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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