Masters of the Universe Revelation Series Review: Modernizing He-Man for Today’s Audiences

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Our Review finds us venturing to Castle Grayskull, where fabulous secret powers were revealed to me when I held aloft my magic sword and said, “BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL! I HAVE THE POWER!Okay, so maybe I’m not cut out for this, I better leave it to the professionals… The Review this time focuses on both parts of the newest Netflix/Mattel Series, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE REVELATION. Serving as a direct sequel of the classic television series, Eternia is in danger once more after a ferocious battle with Skeletor and his henchmen prepare causes Eternia to be fractured and the Magical Sword of Power to go missing, it is up to Teela and an unlikely alliance in a race against time to prevent the universe from being destroyed.

This new series might not be for audiences who aren’t familiar with the series but will make them curious to check out the original Filmation series, in this day and age, newer audiences have seen or heard about the Masters of the Universe Series on old Robot Chicken Sketches or have seen the toys at Retail Stores such as Target or Walmart, but with places such as YouTube and Hulu offering the classic series to watch it as well.

Revelation spins the story on its head and approaches the lore in a fun, satisfying way, even in which touching upon parts that weren’t explained. In this new story, it is full of twists, bold new takes on characters, and even honors the past while not negating its past. In which, it was born in this massively successful toy line from Mattel and for 130 episodes in the mid-’80s. This time, however, it is more serialized and tackles it maturely, Revelations might be a fun, family adventure but it still has its core reason behind it and that was He-Man battling Skeletor and protecting Grayskull, Good vs. Evil.

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As mentioned before, it is more adult-oriented, not full-blown Rated R but it is still something that you wouldn’t normally find on He-Man. The man who gave us this crazy, fun-filled series was Kevin Smith, it was a cleverly written script with easter eggs abound, including a clever nod to one of the mightiest heroes in Eternia, Fisto.

It certainly had its share of backlash due to the focus was on Teela and the other characters of the Masters of the Universe Mythos, first off, yes it may be about He-Man but there would come a day when He-Man wasn’t going to be around, this series explored the possibility and brought us Character Growth, Drama, and Action-Packed thrills especially when it comes to Orko and Evil-Lynn.

As we wind down on this review, I would like to talk about the animation behind the series, Powerhouse Animation is back and tackling another Well-Known Fantasy Title, with their success on Castlevania, the studio sets their sights high and pushed it. If you were worried that this wasn’t going to be the same He-Man you grew up with there is nothing to fear, it’s still there but adapted to what audiences crave, a heartfelt story that is filled with not only nostalgia but containing actual consequences. At the end of the day, this was another well-done job by Director/Producer Kevin Smith, the voice actors, and animators who made this possible. Both Parts One and Two are available on Netflix today!


Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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