Bioware shares a teaser image declaring that “Mass Effect, Will Continue.”


November Seventh may be ordinary for some, but Gamers and Bioware know it as “N7 Day” when fans of the Video Game Series Mass Effect come together to celebrate the series. Last year they used the Celebration to announce Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and confirmed that another Mass Effect game was in development. But this year, things were quiet from Bioware, some speculate that they are continuing work on Dragon Age 4 though, they did share a brand new image that will keep us tied over until more information will be available of the next Mass Effect game:


Declaring that “Mass Effect Will Continue” and this stunning new visual has fans curious to see what Bioware is up to, a giant crater, and four characters wandering up to it. While they teased fans not to “play detective” the company offered fans a way to download the new poster. For more on N7 Day, you can check it out here.

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