The End of an Era, Hirohiko Araki brings Jojolion to a close in August

Jojolion Volume Four Cover

After Ten Years, Hirohiko Araki brings Jojolion, the Eighth Part of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Series to a close. The saga has been running in the pages of Shueisha’s Seinen Magazine, Ultra Jump since May 2011. Surprisingly it ends with the Eighth Part, in the Eighth Month with it ending in the September Issue of Ultra Jump, set to go on shelves in Japan on August 19th.

Jojolion will be on the cover and will kick off the big finale with color pages. There will also be a set of 10 postcards to commemorate the completion of the series. There are currently Twenty-Six Tankōbon volumes on sale, Volume Twenty-Six recently went on sale in May.

Meanwhile, there is still time to pre-order your copy of the Fifth Part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Volume One. It will be going on sale for both digital and physical on August 3rd.


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