Star Wars: Visions Anime Anthology Reveals Line Up and more!


Big news for Star Wars and Anime Fans, at this year’s Anime Expo, not only that we got a first look at what’s to come, but we also have a chance to see who is involved in Disney Plus and Lucasfilms Star Wars: Visions. Visions Premieres on September 22nd, 2021.

Here is a list of the Studios (accompanied by the shorts) that will be included in this Anthology:

Production I.GThe Ninth Jedi“- Director Kenji Kamiyama

Production I.G - "The Ninth Jedi"
Image Credit: Production I.G

TRIGGERThe Twins“: Director Hiroyuki Imaishi, “The Elder“: Director Masahiko Otsuka

TRIGGER - "The Twins"
Image Credit: TRIGGER
TRIGGER- "The Elder"
Image Credit: TRIGGER

Geno Studio – “Lop & Ocho”– Director Yuki Igarashi

Geno Studio - "Lop & Ocho"
Image Credit: Geno Studio

Kamikaze Douga – “The Duel” Director Takanobu Mizuno, Character Designer Takashi Okazaki

Kamikaze Douga - "The Duel"
Image Credit: Kamikaze Douga

Studio Colorido – “Tatooine Rhapsody” Director Taku Kimura

Studio Colorido - "Tatooine Rhapsody"
Image Credit: Studio Colorido

Kinema Citrus – “The Village Bride” Director Hitoshi Haga, Music Kevin Penkin

Kinema Citrus - "The Village Bride"
Image Credit: Kinema Citrus

Science SARU – “Akakiri” Director Eunyoung Choi and “T0-B1” Director Abel Gongora

Science SARU - "Akakiri" and "T0-B1"
Image Credit: Science SARU

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