Static Season One, Issue One: Milestone Returns, Bringing Excitement and Much More!

Static Issue One Cover

Following off from the last review of Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition, we witnessed the rise of a new hero, one that fans have been eagerly waiting for to make his return to DC, Static! This first issue picks up where the Infinite Edition left off, Virgil took on the villainous hot-head known as Hot Streak and took him down, while dealing with Hot Streak he also is dealing with the emotional trauma he endured during the Big Bang, the event that Virgil was attending the protest, but a fight broke out and it caused the police to disperse cans of Quantum Powder in the crowd, resulting in him and others to become metahumans, leaving a city and its citizens traumatized.

This first issue was beautiful, the artwork was phenomenal and the character designs were some of the best I’ve seen in DC in years, the artistic team of ChrisCross and Nikolas Draper-Ivey is one of the hottest artistic teams right now (forgive me if I sound arrogant but from what I have seen in recent reviews and on Social Media, they deserve this praise.) The panels showing the inner turmoil that Virgil is dealing with, which had uneven borders and pixelated backgrounds are a nice touch to add, something that people can relate to when they are dealing with anxiety. Even the use of TV Static in the panels that displayed Static’s mental picture of his anger and lack of control was good to add. Writer Vita Ayala also did a fantastic job, the dialogue did not feel forced in any way, these teenagers, families, and what they felt were relatable and not forced or felt out of touch with society. This was my first time reading their work and quite frankly, I cannot wait for another issue, and will look more into their work in the future.

Milestone is back, bringing back not only its world but also its boundary-pushing ideas that fans have missed.


Final Grade:

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.

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