Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness gets a New Trailer and Cast List, Set to debut July 8th


With the success of Resident Evil’s Newest Chapter (Village) in Video Games is doing well, now it’s time to get a newer look at Capcom and Netflix’s newest CG Anime Series Resident Evil Infinite Darkness. While it debuts on July 8th, here’s what we know for the Anime Series.

TMS Entertainment is producing the project while Quebico will be producing the CG animation, Capcom’s Resident Evil Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi is involved in story supervision and production of the franchise’s first “Serialized CG Drama,” in this new mini-series. Anime News Network confirmed that Tokyopop will be producing a “Manga style” Graphic Novel for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

New Cast:

Jason-Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Jason (Voiced by Ray Chase)

Jason is the former captain of the U.S. Army special forces team Mad Dogs and is currently a federal agent. Six years ago (2000), he saved his unit that had become isolated in civil war-ravaged Penamstan. He is now called the “Hero of Penamstan.” He has a cool-headed attitude and is able to manage many different situations.

Shen May- Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Shen May (Voiced by: Jona Xiao)

Shen May is a federal agent who is skilled in computer science. She travels to Shanghai with Leon and Jason to find the cause of the White House hacking incident.

Patrick- Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Patrick (Voiced by: Billy Kametz)

Patrick is a rookie U.S. agent who has little intelligence experience. He thinks that Leon is just a lucky guy. He looks up to Jason as a hero.

Graham- Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Graham, The President of the United States (Voiced by: Joe J. Thomas)

He trusts Leon, who once went to Europe and saved his daughter Ashley, who had been kidnapped by a cult called Los Iluminados.

Wilson-Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Wilson (Voiced by: Doug Stone)

A hard-line politician who managed to climb up from being a former soldier to Secretary of Defense. He is ambitious and will do anything it takes to achieve his goals.


The voice actors from Resident Evil 2 Remake will be reprising their roles for Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield both English and Japanese Actors.

  • Leon S. Kennedy– Nick Apostolides (English), Toshiyuki Morikawa (Japanese)
  • Claire Redfield– Stephanie Panisello (English), Yuko Kaida (Japanese)
Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (Japanese) Visual
Image Credit: Netflix

Six years ago (2000), the helicopter belonging to the U.S. special forces who were intervening in the Penamstan civil war fell from the sky. The U.S. Army Mad Dogs, who were in the same battleground, refused orders from the command center to stand their ground and instead went to save survivors of the crash. However, the special forces were already annihilated. The Mad Dogs, led by their captain Jason, were also forced to escape in order to survive.

However, in that place, Jason and his unit saw the supposedly dead special forces moving in strange ways…

In 2006, there were traces of improper access to secret Presidential files found in the White House’s network. American federal agent Leon S. Kennedy is among the group invited to the White House to investigate this incident, but when the lights suddenly go out, Leon and the SWAT team are forced to take down a horde of mysterious zombies. Meanwhile, TerraSave staff member Claire Redfield encounters a mysterious image drawn by a youth in a country she visited, while providing support to refugees. Haunted by this drawing, which appears to be a victim of viral infection, Claire starts her investigation. The next morning, Claire visits the White House to request the construction of a welfare facility. There, she has a chance to a reunion with Leon and uses the opportunity to show him the boy’s drawing. Leon seems to realize some sort of connection between the zombie outbreak at the White House and the strange drawing, but he tells Claire that there is no relation and leaves. In time, these two zombie outbreaks in distant countries lead to events that shake the nation to its very core.”

News Source: Netflix, Anime News Network

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