With the return of an Old Foe, so begins the Sinister War!


With DC issuing a big change with their Flagship Character Superman, Marvel isn’t planning to be left in the dust. In July, a brand new event involving an all-out war between Spider-Man’s Greatest Villains and their Sinister Sextets is getting a brand new series, Sinister War!

Sinister Wars! Promotional Visual
Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Spinning out of The Amazing Spider-Man, two of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies are waging war against each other as Doctor Octopus’s Sinister Six battles The Vulture’s Savage Six puts all of New York City in the Crossfire! These villains are out for blood, especially the blood of a certain wall-crawler, it will bring writer Nick Spencer and artist Mark Bagley together for an epic take on the Spider-Man Mythos, one that sees the grand return of one of Spider-Man’s deadliest foes, Doctor Octopus. It will hit newsstands on July 14th, and continue in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man too.

Sinister War Issue One Cover-Bryan Hitch
Sinister War, Issue No. 1 Cover by Bryan Hitch
Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Sinister War #1 (of 4)

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist and Wrap Around Cover Artist: Mark Bagley

Cover Artist: Bryan Hitch


Ock’s got a new Sinister Six and if you think he’s thought big in the past, think again. What Ock DOESN’T know is that the VULTURE has a sextet of his own: THE SAVAGE SIX! It’s an all-out WAR between two of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe, and the only person they hate more than each other is SPIDER-MAN! Spidey’s in deep trouble with the toughest battle that he’s ever faced. Nick Spencer and Mark Bagley team up for this epic Spider-Man story guaranteed to shock readers everywhere!

Cover by Mark Bagley

Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #71, (On-Sale July 21st, 2021!)

Writer: Nick Spencer

Artist: Federico Vicentini

Cover Artist: Mark Bagley

The Sinister War Continues!

Two of the most deadly villain teams are fighting both Spidey and each other, but what is Kindred’s role in all this?

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