The World’s No. 1 Merc meets the World’s No. 1 Hero in the latest chapter of Deadpool: Samurai


Of all the craziest things Deadpool has done, this by far takes the Chimichanga, in the latest chapter of Sanshirō Kasama and Hikaru Uesugi‘s Deadpool: Samurai finds the Merc with a Mouth meets My Hero Academia’s All-Might, the No. 1 Hero! This wasn’t an April Fools Day Prank I assure you, Shonen Jump Plus linked a Promotional Page showing Deadpool being held in All-Might’s arms with the Larger than Life Hero saying his famous line “I am Here!

The newest chapter is available to read now if you would like to see this monumental moment. The Manga was launched in December, it was revealed at Shueisha and Marvel’s presentation during Tokyo Comic-Con.

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