Pop Band Fhaná returns to perform the OP Theme for Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S


J-Pop Band Fhaná is coming back to perform the second season’s opening song “Ai no Supreme!” It was confirmed today via the Anime’s Official Twitter Account, along with the news of the ending theme “Maid with Dragons❤” by Super Chorogonzu which is comprised of the following voice actresses: Yuki Kuwahara (Tohru), Marie Naganawa (Kanna), Yuki Yakada (Elma), Minami Takahashi (Lucoa), and Tomomi Mineuchi (Ilulu). The CD for both singles will be released on July 14th.

As a bonus, there will be special mini animations called “Mini Dora” that will be streamed on Kyoto Animation’s YouTube Channel leading up to the premiere of the Second Season in July 2021. The animations will be available every Wednesday beginning on April 7th. In the meantime, you can catch Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’s First season on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

The wacky Dragon Maid is back again!

A strange turn of events leads the Dragon, Tohru, to work as Miss Kobayashi’s maid.

She occasionally (that’s a lie, she often) causes trouble for her beloved Miss Kobayashi while blending into human society and splendidly (that’s a lie, only mediocrely) carrying out her maid duties.

Her fellow dragons, Kanna, Lucoa, Fafnir, and Elma all find their own places to fit in as well and enjoy interspecies interactions with the humans.

Yet while they’re all enjoying that laid-back and occasionally turbulent left, the threat of a new Dragon swoops down upon Miss Kobayashi.

Official Synopsis

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