Roboco gets “Lost in Paradise” in the newest parody collaboration with Me and Roboco and Jujutsu Kaisen

Me and Roboco Volume One Cover

One of the funniest comedy manga in recent years has taken a walk into the Supernatural side as Shūhei Miyazaki’s Me and Roboco parodied Mappa and Gege Akutami‘s Jujutsu Kaisen‘s Television Anime Ending “Lost in Paradise“, sung by the Hip Hop/Funk Band ALI. The sequence shows Roboco performing the moves instead of Yuji and the others. Miyazaki personally drew the animation and backgrounds himself.

Making its debut in The 31st Issue of Weekly Shonen Jump in 2020, since then, it has tapped into a unique form of comedy and gag that fans grew accustomed to and loved thanks to manga such as Fujiko Fujio‘s Doraemon, Hideaki Sorachi‘s Gintama and Yoshio Sawai’s Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. You can read Me and Roboco over at Viz Media and Manga Plus.

The year is 20XX… A time when every household owns cute maid robots known as OrderMaids. Average grade-schooler Bondo dreams of having his very own robot. But what he got was… Unable to compute!!! Life is gonna get a whole lot weirder when Roboco, the most powerful clumsy maid ever created, shows up at his door!


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