Shueisha Addresses Copyright Infringement Scam plaguing Social Media

Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 14 Cover

Last week, many users on Twitter woke to find that their accounts had received Copyright Strikes that the Manga Publisher, Shueisha Inc begun targeting tweets that contain uploaded images of their famous intellectual properties. The Company began to trend on Twitter with hashtags such as “Shueisha”, ” ShueishaCopyright” last week, the only things that were affected were images or clips of the series Dragon Ball and One Piece are the biggest issues, but according to some users, the crackdown involves just about all of Shueisha’s properties.

Some believed it was part of the Japanese Copyright Reform Law that was beginning to go into effect but now according to an official statement from the Publishing Company, it would seem that the whole thing was a big scam. Anime News Network’s Rafael Antonio Pineda has more details regarding the situation.


It has come to our attention, Shueisha has been falsely misrepresented by an individual sending copyright and removal requests on Twitter and other social media platforms. Shueisha is currently consulting with the various platforms to investigate what measures can be taken to address this issue.

Shueisha Inc.

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