Cells at Work! Code Black Manga to end on January 21st

Cells at Work! Code Black Vol. 1 Cover

Another chapter in the Cells at Work! Manga Series will be ending, this time it is Cells at Work! Code Black. According to the Seventh Issue of this year’s Kodansha’s Morning Magazine that Shigemitsu Harada and Issei Hatsuyoshiya‘s Cells at Work! Code Black (Hataraku Saibō Black) spinoff manga will end in its next chapter on January 21st, The manga’s eighth volume will be the final volume will ship on February 22nd. As mentioned before, Akane Shimizu’s Cells at Work! will also be ending with the final chapter coming up in the February 2021st issue of Monthly Shonen Sirius, which ships in January. If you like to read the first volume review, click here.

A newbie Red Blood Cell is one of 37 trillion working to keep this body running. But something’s wrong! Stress hormones keep yelling at him to go faster. The blood vessels are crusted over with cholesterol. Ulcers, fatty liver, trouble (ahem) downstairs… It’s hard for a cell to keep working when every day is a CODE BLACK!

The manga and anime Cells at Work! showed you what happens when a young, healthy body gets in trouble… but what if the body wasn’t so young, and was never very healthy? This new take stars a fresh-faced Red Blood Cell and his friend, the buxom White Blood Cell, as they struggle to keep themselves and their world together through alcoholism, smoking, erectile dysfunction, athlete’s foot, gout… it’s literal body horror! Whoever this guy is, he’s lucky his cells can’t go on strike!


Be sure to catch the newest season of Cells at Work! And Cells at Work! Code Black on Funimation!

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