DC offers a New Look into the next Animated Feature, Justice Society: World War II


Finally, something not Batman related! The Hollywood Reporter’s Aaron Couch was the first to report about a brand new DC Animated Feature that will bring the Justice Society of America into the DC Animated Universe, the new film Justice Society: World War II doesn’t have a synopsis right off hand, but what is known is the cast and crew that has been announced so far along with a sneak peek visual of what to expect in the new film. This will be the JSA’s first appearance in DC’s Library consisting of 42 Animated Films.


Image Credit: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, The Hollywood Reporter


  1. Elysia RotaruBlack Canary
  2. Chris DiamantopoulosSteve Trevor
  3. Matt BomerThe Flash
  4. Stana KaticWonder Woman
  5. Omid AbtahiHawkman
  6. Matthew MercerHourman
  7. Armen TaylorJay Garrick/ Flash
  8. Liam McIntyreAquaman
  9. Ashleigh LaThropIris West
  10. Geoffrey ArendHalstead/Advisor
  11. Keith FergusonDoctor Fate
  12. Darin De PaulFranklin Delano Roosevelt


  1. Jeff WamesterDirector
  2. Meghan Fitzmartin, Jeremy Adams Screenplay
  3. Jim Krieg, Kimberly S. MoreauProducers
  4. Butch LukicSupervisor Producer

The Justice Society of America was created by Gardner Fox and Everett E. Hibbard, which first debuted in the early 1940s in All-Star Comics Issue No. 3.

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