DC offers a Glimpse of an Infinite Frontier

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DC has revealed new information regarding its flagship titles come March 2021 after Future State; Showing off not only familiar faces but new Creative Changes. Two weeks ago at Brazil’s CCXP, we learned about the creative changes coming to titles such as Wonder Woman, Detective Comics, Batman/Superman, now here are some new changes coming your way:

Writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Artist Phil Hester team up for Action Comics and Superman, beginning with the tale “The Golden Age” Coming March 2021! DC provides the Exclusive Details.

Writer James Tynion IV and Artist Jorge Jimenez (Also drew this gorgeous spread) will resume their run on Batman with Issue 106, as mentioned above in the Creative Change Line-Up for Detective Comics, Writer Mariko Tamaki and Artist Dan Mora are taking over Detective Comics with March’s #1034.


While this beautiful image was drawn by Artist David Marquez, not much is known about this new Justice League team, only from what Brian Michael Bendis Teased on Instagram.

Writer Jeremy Adams and Artist Brandon Peterson take over on The Flash with Issue #768 with the “Redemption of Wally West” in March 2021.

Writer Tom Taylor and Artist Bruno Redondo take over Nightwing with Issue #78 in March 2021.

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