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Until we meet again, DC Comics Exclusively unveils their first look at Brian Bendis and Ivan Reis’ Final Superman Issue with Superman #28

DC Exclusively unveils Bendis and Reis Superman #28, their final run.
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It was first reported in June that Famed Comic Book Writer Brian Michael Bendis would be wrapping up his Superman Flagship title run, while he has one final Superman comic out on December 22, Action Comics #1028, before he leaves that title too. We have seen Superman save Earth from threats from the Phantom Zone, establish and defend an interstellar United Planets, send his son (He should have stayed as a kid instead of being a teen darn it! But I digress, that’s life!) to the future to learn from the Legion of Super-Heroes, and oh yeah, reveal his secret identity to the entire world. It’s been a time of change and rebirth for DC’s oldest superhero, one that’s changed who Superman is forever. DC has unveiled its Exclusive First-Look at Bendis and Reis’s Final Superman Chapter, Issue #28. This title is available now digitally and available in stores.


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