Kyoto Animation is honored with the Women in Animation’s Diversity Award


Kyoto Animation is receiving a special award according to a report from the Entertainment News website Variety. Women in Animation, an organization founded in 1955 that is dedicated to the advancement of women in the field of animation recently honored the beloved animation company with the Diversity Award, an award established the WIA Diversity Awards four years ago to recognize individuals, film, and organizations that have an impact in growing diversity with the animation community, either through their work, by amplifying the voices of others or by creating initiatives promoting diversity in the industry and society.

Image Credit: Kyoto Animation

The other individuals who were presented with the diversity award were Laurence Ralph, author of the new book The Torture Letters: Reckoning with Police Brutality, and Maria Trenor (Where Were You). The Vice President of Women in Animation, Jinko Gotoh – who is currently working as a producer at Netflix –, said that “It is our honor to award this important award to Kyoto Animation. As a Japanese producer myself, I’m particularly proud of the way Kyoto Animation shares WIA’s inclusive principle of hiring female artists, as well as their commitment to training artists. They have also displayed tremendous courage in the face of tragedy.


Kyoto Animation leads the Japanese Anime Industry in equality in the workplace, They are widely known to be one of the only anime studios in Japan to have their animation staff be salaried, including all the benefits that go along with that, with a significant percentage of those staff members being women, especially in higher power positions. Staff is also trained at the Kyoto Animation school, with a high percentage of students also being female. 

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