Gamescom 2020: Day One and the Big Reveals

Gamescom: Age of Empires III- Definitive Edition Trailer
Gamescom- The Next Dragon Age, Behind the Scenes Trailer
Gamescom- World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Official Release Date Trailer
Gamescom: Teardown- Gameplay Trailer
World of Warcraft Jaina D-Stage DS-043 6-Inch StatueBeast Kingdom presents the Jaina Water Mage D-Stage Statue from World Of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth. Standing 6-inches tall, Jaina is ready for the ultimate showdown with demons of the Burning Legion. Every part of Jaina’s costume has been delicately recreated and the main water element is summoned right behind her with a translucent blue layer effect!

For now, this is just the first half of the Gamescom Coverage, there will be more on the way and if you’re wanting to watch the Gamescom Streaming, click here!

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