Act-Age Artist Shiro Usazaki Issues Statement on Writer’s Arrest and Manga Cancellation

Act-Age Artist Shiro Usazaki issued a statement today regarding the arrest of Writer Tatsuya Matsuki, and also the Manga’s Cancellation. Usazaki expressed their sympathies for the victims, saying that they “bravely spoke up despite their fear and anxiety,” and elaborating that “no one recovers” from sexual assault, even when seen a person in dress and appearance to the assailant would trigger victims to respond in specific ways and forever creating unneeded stress in their lives.

The Artist went onto saying that they hope that the Act-Age Manga would not be a work that would trigger similar reactions from victims, so considered the cancellation of the manga to be appropriate. Also expressing regret having to end the Manga mid-way, Usazaki urged the fans of the manga not to harass or blame the victims, they also expressed that the Manga’s cancellation was not the victims’ fault, that it wasn’t a mistake for the victims to step forward and speak up about sexual harassment.

The Artist adds that they sympathized with fans of the Manga, or those that had found purpose in the manga, and that was “saved” by the manga. But Usazaki pleaded and cautioned against readers using that love for the wrong purpose of inciting violence, urging fans to think clearly, consider various viewpoints, deny no basis in fact, last but not least, to always consider what should or shouldn’t be said. Finally, to finish their statement, hopes that the victims receive the proper care and to live peaceful lives without having to think about the incident again.

News Source: Usazaki’s Twitter Page, Anime News Network, and Hachima Kikō.

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