One Piece Manga Vol. 97, Magazine Vol. 10, Color Walk 9 delayed due to COVID-19 Concern

One Piece Vol 96

Recently, Publisher Shueisha Inc and Weekly Shōnen Jump’s Editorial Department issued an apology and a statement regarding Eiichiro Oda‘s One Piece, the Tenth Volume of One Piece: the Magazine and Tiger Color Walk, Book Nine. They are delaying three of the publications due to production issues, the staff explained that due to the One Piece Production Offices still performing tasks through analog means instead via digitally thus taking precautions to avoid any sort of infection and the safety of the staff. The delay is from September 4th to September 16th.

A similar case had happened if you recall in April, where this year’s twenty-first issue of the Weekly Shonen-Jump was delayed due to the possibility of a COVID infection in the Editorial Department. This also included the delay of manga volumes as well, then a month later, Kōhei Horikoshi’s staff had delayed the release of July’s chapter of MHA due to a similar reason.

Source: Anime News Network, Weekly Shōnen Jump


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