Comic Girls: The Slice of Life You Didn’t Know That You Needed!

Comic Girls Visual

Ever watched an Anime (Or Television Series) that made you feel good after watching? Well, this was that moment for yours truly. Produced by the Animation Studio Nexus, Comic Girls is an Anime that follows a shy Yonkoma Mangaka named Kaoruko Moeta who goes under the pen name “Chaos” who is a freshman in high school and sadly, her manga ranks at the bottom of the Reader Survey, so her Editor suggests for Kaoruko to enter a special dormitory for Manga Artists, there she meets a Shōjo Mangaka named Koyume Koizuka, Teen Romance Mangaka named Ruki Irokawa, Shōnen Mangaka named Tsubasa Katsuki. Girls help and support each other while learning something new along the way.

Beginning as a Four-Panel Manga created by Kaori Hanzawa, Comic Girls made their first appearance in Houbunsha’s Sēinen Manga Magazine, Manga Time Kirara Max. The characters are downright adorable, providing humor and insight on the process of manga creation, some would write the series off as “cutesy” or not providing any plot but honestly, it is calm and relaxing to watch the series.

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Final Grade:

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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