It has been announced today that the Sixth Annual Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity that not only the Nominations for the award are open, but the deadline has been set for September 1st, 2020. It also welcomed two new members, Artist Colleen Doran, Writer Marv Wolfman. Below is a quote from the actor, Phil LaMarr:

“It is important right now to acknowledge and reward artists who strive to tell the stories of diverse experiences and points of view. When you know someone’s story, you cannot dehumanize them.”

The motto of the Dwayne McDuffie AWARD for DIVERSITY in COMICS is Dwayne’s own words: “From invisible to inevitable.”

Phil LaMarr


For more information on the Dwayne McDuffie Awards, including a list of Judges, Previews World has a complete list. And if you’re interested in entering your work into the Awards Nominations, click here! As a reminder, the information and Quotes are provided by Previews World.

Entertainment Earth

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