Red’s Comic-Con News Round-Up

Hello again! Let’s get the ball rolling on this Coverage, there have been quite a few surprises at this year’s Comic-Con, A Sneak Peek into the New Mutants, The Boys get a Third Season, and The Dragon Prince gets a Multi-Season pick up! Here is the News Round-Up!

The New Mutants get a New Trailer and a Two-Minute Sneak Peek of the Opening Scene

One of the big things about this is that this film can finally escape the Film Graveyard, during the Panel, the director Josh Boone shared his excitement about getting to work on this project and for the Fans to see what they have to offer. Also sharing that it is the anniversary of when the New Mutants first trailer was released, Newsarama has a detailed look into this film; meanwhile, below are the Panel:

The New Mutants: Comic-Con@Home Panel

Surprise, Surprise! The Boys is getting a Third Season, and an Aftershow!

In Amazon’s panel, it was revealed that not only the Show will be getting a Third Season but also an Aftershow hosted and executively produced by Aisha Tyler called Prime Rewind: Inside the Boys. The Second season will air on September 4th. For more information on the panel, including an interview with Showrunner Eric Kprike, head over to The Hollywood Reporter.

DC teases next Event called “Endless Winter”

With it possibly tieing into a 90s tie-in, DC Comics teases its latest event after Dark Nights: Death Metal, Endless Winter. While not much is known about this event, GamesRadar’s Chris Arrant was the first to report it.

The Dragon Prince Season Three Promo

The Dragon Prince gets a Multi-Season Order

Another surprise from the Virtual-Con was from the Wonderstorm Team’s confirmation that not only that the series was picked up for a fourth season, but there will also be a fifth, sixth, and seventh season as well! Click here to read more.

For now, this is the end for this Round-Up, you can catch more of the Comic-Con@Home Coverage at their YouTube Channel.

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