A Whisker Away-A Charming, yet strange love story


With a title named ‘A Whisker Away‘, Studio Colorido has made a truly heartwarming film, originally titled “Wanting to Cry, I pretend to be a cat,” is about a young schoolgirl who tries to get the attention of a boy she likes; she meets a mysterious cat that can talk and gives her a mask with mystical powers she could wear that can transform her into a cat in order to get closer to him. But she soon starts to realize that these choices will have consequences as the line between being a feline and human becomes vague. The film is directed by Junichi Sato and Tomotaka Shibayama, Junichi Sato is known for his work on Sailor Moon, Princess Tutu, and Sgt. Frog; as for Tomotaka Shibayama, Your Lie in April, Penguin Highway, and Granblue Fantasy the Animation.


When mentioning the highlights of the duo Directors careers in the Paragraph above, I would like to point out in this review that Studio Colorido has been having quite a bit of success with recent projects like the mini-series Pokemon: Twilight Wings and movies such as Penguin Highway, the story might seem a bit odd and strange for viewers who haven’t had experiences in unrequited love (and at times it might look like she is being a stalker) but she tries to hide her fear of abandonment by having this exuberant attitude and personality where she doesn’t care what you think and will do an “unbelievably sexy” sneak attack on who she loves. The young girl I’m referring to is our protagonist named Miyo Sasaki. The boy (Kento Hindoe) who she has feelings for is a withdrawn student who can’t really display his feelings like he sees Miyo do from time to time and is at times embarrassed by her actions towards him; what he doesn’t know is that Miyo is hurting inside, her mother gave up on her and on the family, but Miyo lives with her father and his girlfriend. She feels that the affection she receives from her family isn’t the kind of affection that she is looking for and wants recognition from him, the devotion to him to be seen as cute but not bizarre or crazy.

Image Credit: Netflix

She meets a mysterious feline deity who claims he can give Miyo what she always wanted but it would come at a price, too enchanted and engulfed in her own feelings for Kento, she agrees to the deal and lo and behold, she becomes a small blue-eyed kitten whom Kento falls in love with instantly but he only assumes that it his old pet that has been reincarnated. The animation and frame rate is smooth, especially in scenes of transformation and in emotional scenes.


Final Grade:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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