The Seven Deadly Sins: Anger’s Judgement delayed due to COVID-19

Even though things are looking up and with Japan lifting the COVID-19 State of Emergency Nationwide (with five prefectures still under the State of Emergency Protocol) businesses and residents are being cautious and taking countermeasures since the Coronavirus is still ongoing, with that being said, it was announced on Social media that the popular anime The Seven Deadly Sins recently announced anime series ‘Anger’s Judgement‘ has been delayed due to the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic. Originally set to debut in October on TV Tokyo and BS TV Tokyo, the production company thanked it’s fans for their continued support and said it will inform the fans when a new broadcast time has been reached. Until then, the other seasons of the Seven Deadly Sins is available on Netflix and home releases from Funimation.

Anger’s Judgement Promotional Video, before COVID-19 Delay.
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