Sound Director Masafumi Mima posts Images of Voice Recording Booth set up for Social Distancing

With what has been going on in the world lately due to the Coronavirus, Television shows, and Animated series has seemed to either come to a screeching halt or postponed, but Japan’s Prime Minister lifting the State of Emergency for 39 prefectures two weeks ago, it has been finding residents and businesses trying to adjust back to a sense of normalcy. But recently on Twitter, Sound Director Masafumi Mima posted several images of Booths set up for Social Distancing, each image showing actors spaced apart with their own Mics and screen set-up.

In each tweet, Masafumi is outlining what measures were taken in the studio to help keep the workers and actors safe. The size of the room that is large enough for an Orchestra, citing that safety comes first.

  • Requiring them to wear masks from when they leave their houses to when they perform their lines.
  • Doing a fever check at home and at the studio.
  • Requiring them to take all food and drinks home.
  • Do not leave baggage on the floor but in the indicated seats.
  • Keep greetings and small talk to a minimum.
  • Directing people to move according to the conducting wire.

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