Delayed TurboGrafx-16 Mini is arriving on May 22nd

After missing the initial release date on March 19th, Konami’s TurboGrafx-16 is finally being released on May 22nd, 2020. With its $100 price tag, Konami is trying to join in on the Mini-Console market (might have a better chance of having a better run than Sony’s Playstation Classic,) but if you recall that it was delayed due to the ongoing Coronavirus Epidemic but at the time it caused an “unavoidable situation” at the facility that was building the consoles in China.

The Turbo Grafix-16 Mini will ship with the following:

  1. Replica Full-Sized Controller that connects through USB (It may be wired but 8BitDo is working on a wireless Turbo Grafix-16 Controller for the Mini, the release date is May 20th.)
  2. Fifty Preloaded Games from the 16-Bit Era (Including Gems such as Bonk’s Revenge, R-Type, and Ys Book I and II.

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