Recently, Diamond Comics Distributors announced that they would be returning to their traditional Comic Book Distribution on May 20th, while DC will be using two alternative distributors called Lunar Distribution and USC Comic Distributors, Geppi Family Enterprises sent out an announcement and email about Diamond Comics and Alliance Game Distributors newest campaign called ‘Back the Comeback‘.

Image Credit: Geppi Family Enterprises

What is it about? Well, it is a Multi-Phased Campaign that is focused on supporting local Comic Book and Game Stores as they rebuild, reopen, and restart. It was centered around the rallying cry “Our Comeback will be bigger than our setback!” Diamond and Alliance created the campaign in partnership with Industry Influencers and Publishers to shine a spotlight on the unique relationship that consumers have with their local comic and game shops, while raising funds to help support restart efforts; Steve Geppi, the CEO and Chairman of the Geppi Family Enterprises had this to say about describing the new Campaign.

“To say these last few months have been challenging would be an understatement,” said Steve Geppi, Chairman and CEO, Geppi Family Enterprises. “I have heard from many retailers and everyone is excited about safely reopening, restarting and rebuilding. I truly believe that our comeback will be bigger than our setback and am excited to kick off this campaign in support   of our industry and our retailers.”

Steve Geppi, CEO and Chairman of Geppi Family Enterprises

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