Marvel not releasing any print or digital titles on April 8th, while DC confirms digital release list but no single-issue comics

Last week Marvel Entertainment President Dan Buckley released a statement, regarding the release of any digital comic books being released on April 1st, now, with it being April 7th, Marvel has confirmed again there will not be any print or digital titles released on Wednesday, April 8th. This would be the second week that Marvel has forgone its planned releases; this delay is due to the ongoing epidemic involving COVID-19 and Diamond Comics Distribution’s decision to close causing Major Comic Book Chains to panic.

DC, on the other hand, is going in another direction; even though the publisher is looking into a Multi-Distributor Model, they recently released a list of titles that will be released on April 8th. DC will approach it as they have last week, a selection of OGNs, Collections, Digital-First-Issues, and reprints, Newsarama has the full list.

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