Castlevania Season Three Review: Winning the Battle, but not the War


With the world of Castlevania evolving, so does the characters in this series, taking place after where the second season left off, Issac on a quest for vengeance against Carmilla and Hector, Trevor and Sypha traveling together, in search of any leftover Creatures of Hell still lurking in the shadows after Dracula’s demise; Alucard living in seclusion in his Father’s Castle. Speaking of Hector and Carmilla, Carmilla and her Army have made their way back to Carmilla’s Castle, Hector chained up and humiliated. Can the Vampiress and her allies do what Dracula couldn’t? While this season did leave a few fans dissatisfied with another cliffhanger, it did bring in familiar elements and nods to the rich history Castlevania is known for. Let’s begin the review:


Castlevania-Season Three Trailer

Warren Ellis and his creative team took a big gamble on killing off the Major Villain in the second season but knowing of his work on several other Comic Book series such as the Astonishing X-Men, Moon Knight, Ellis knows what he was doing and it paid off! Season Three gives us that new show feels, with the Dark Lord’s absence, it created a power vacuum in Wallachia; becoming more of a series with Political Intrigue and war games (Den of Geek put it best in their review). Also, we’re introduced to Carmilla’s Lovers/Allies, Lenore, Striga, and Morana, the three new characters bring new energy and humor that we didn’t think was needed in a show such as Castlevania; Striga while serving as the High General of Styria is also tall, brooding and intimidating with her Muscular Physique, while her lover Morana who serves as the Chief Administrator of Styria, very intelligent and elegant of the sisters she oversees the Economy and strategist of the Council of Sisters, then there was Lenore, who was the Diplomat of the Three Sisters but do not be fooled by her charm and looks; She can be fierce when she wants to be and will use persuasion and seduction skills to get what is needed.


As the season progresses, we meet more notable characters from the game, such as the smooth-talking Nobleman named Count St. Germain, a man investigating the monks in the village of Lidenfeld who by the way are insanely creepy; as for two of our Adventurers, Trevor and Sypha have become closer, while Alucard has been living in seclusion; Alucard did meet two adventurers, Taka and Sumi but their mistrust of people and paranoia lead to their unfortunate demise. While Hector and Issac’s rivalry is a nod to another Castlevania game ‘Curse of Shadows‘, Issac’s journey has been one of the best things to have happened in this series, his interaction with others are interesting to see. The battles between Trevor, Sypha and the Visitor was one of the best battles of the Season, great animation, smooth detail, and the action sequences were well done, no signs of clunk or lagged timing in animation.

Final Grade:

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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