Trigger’s BNA Series reveals more Cast Visuals, New Release Date

In January, we were introduced to Trigger’s new Anime: Brand New Animal, two months later, there have been several additions to the cast and a brand new visual with the tagline “When we transform, we transform the World.” Even though episodes 1-6 will be available on Netflix, March 21st, 2020; these stations will have it available to watch on other than Fuji Ultra Plus TV:

  1. Fuji TV: April 8th, every Wednesday
  2. Kansai TV: April 9th, every Thursday
  3. Tokai Television: April 11th, every Saturday
  4. TV West Japan: April 8th, every Wednesday
  5. Hokkaido Bunka Broadcasting: April 12th, every Sunday
  6. BS Fuji: April 15th, every Wednesday

Image Credit: Trigger

New Additions:

Melissa Horner/ Jem Horner

Jem (Hiroshi Yanaka) is a Chicken-Human who is head of the Animal-Human Consumers’ Co-operative; Melissa (Kimiko Saitō) is a Wombat-Human who is Vice-President of the Animal-Human Consumers’ Co-operative

Yūji Tachiki

Yūji (Hiroshi Naka) is A Great-Dane-Human who serves as a Police Detective for Anima City.

Barbaray Rose

Barbaray (Gara Takashima) is a Naked-Mole Rat Human who serves as the Mayor of Anima City.

Mary Itami

Mary (Michiyo Murase) is a Mink-Human who knows the ins and outs of Anima City, sometimes she’ll help Michiru and then again will not.

Giuliano Flip

The Head of the ‘Family’ Mafia that runs Anima City, Giuliano (Youhei Tadano) is a Dolphin-Human.

Prime Minister Shiramizu

Shiramizu (Houchu Ohtsuka) is the Prime Minister of Tokyo Japan.

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