Retrospective on Dragon Ball

On February 26th, 1986 the Anime adaption of Akira Toriyama’s 1984 Manga premiered on Fuji TV and since then, it has caught the world by storm. The story was about a young monkey-boy named Goku, the story was influenced by the traditional Chinese folk tale Journey to the West; while this series was met with success, it would be overshadowed by its action-orientated Sequel, Dragon Ball Z. Today’s article will be going over Goku’s childhood, the battles, the comedy, and story behind this series.

During 1986, shows such as Maple town, New Robotan, UchÅ«sen Sagittarius, when Toriyama’s Shonen Story made its debut on Television, it took the world by storm, Goku was this young, naive boy who was raised by an Old man named Gohan, who taught him to help anyone in need. He met a Teenage girl named Bulma Briefs when she learns that he has the four-star ball, she convinced him to come along to help gather all seven mystical orbs known as Dragon Balls; with all seven gathered together, you could summon the Mighty Dragon Shenron, who would grant the Gatherer one wish. During their travels, they met the Shapeshifter Oolong, the Desert Bandit Yamcha (who would eventually become his ally later during the series).

Young Goku vs. Yamcha

The Comedy started off light-hearted, some would describe it as ‘stale’ with the anime’s age but for an Anime that has been going strong for Thirty-Four years, I highly doubt it. With Goku battling his way through villains such as the Red Ribbon Army, General Tao, and the World Martial Arts Tournament the action was getting even more intense we also saw quite a bit of Character Building to go on with the Action, Krillin and Goku’s fight is one of the biggest moments in the Series History.

Goku vs. Krillin

Another intense era of the Dragon Ball series was the introduction of the Demon King Piccolo. The Manga and Television series was dipping its toes into the area of Sci-Fi at one point, no one knew what species Piccolo was but eventually when Jr would come into the picture, we would see Kami taking on his reincarnated counterpart in the World Martial Arts Tournament, the duo speak in Namekian, an Alien Language we won’t get to explore until Much Later into DragonBall Z; Krillin’s death was emotional, that specific moment made the Shonen series have impact in a fan’s heart when writing a good villain whether it be in a novel or Comic (including Manga). Another ruthless villain that fans loathed was Tambourine, the Spawn of King Piccolo, not only killing Krillin but several of Goku and Krillin’s previous opponents were murdered by this Namekian/Dragon.

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Dragon Ball is one of the most watched, talked about (Might get some heat for this opinion, due to JoJo and Demon Slayer fans, but oh well.) Franchises out there, and thanks to Akira Toriyama and his hard work, itll be here for a long time to come.

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