Dan DiDio Out as Co-Publisher of DC Comics

Breaking news from The Hollywood Reporter, Writer, and Co-Publisher of DC Comics has reportedly left the Company, Mr. DiDio served DC Comics as a publisher since 2010 alongside Artist and Co-Publisher Jim Lee. He has served as other positions in the Company such as VP Executive Officer (Six-Years) and VP Editorial.

Much to most critics dismay, even though Didio was one of the people responsible for the New 52 and that served as one Massive Overhaul for the Publisher’s Super Hero Catalog, it was a financial success for sales and creating a buzz; it also caused a rift in the fan base, where some became jaded while others lost faith in the Company. It leads to the 2016 relaunch called ‘DC Universe Rebirth‘, bringing back the elements that dropped off the face of the earth. With Dan’s departure, this leaves Artist Jim Lee as sole Publisher while this adds to his current role as Chief Creative Officer, a position that he has held since 2018.

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