Today, Funimation released a teaser image for a classic fan-favorite coming to their streaming service; the post can be seen below this paragraph:

Not sure about what Paranoia Agent is about? Don’t worry, I gotcha covered! Paranoia Agent was created by Satoshi Kon, who was well known for such works as Tokyo Godfathers (Which will be returning to theaters in March, thanks to Fathom Events and GKids.), Paprika, and Perfect Blue. Paranoia Agent was produced by Madhouse Studios, the story is about a Social Phenomenon taking place in Musashino Japan, concerning a Juvenile assailant nicknamed ‘Lil’ Slugger’ and the people who were affected by this mysterious assailant, each story about the people’s secret lives unveil the truth about Lil’ Slugger; can the detectives apprehend him? As for this mysterious post, it could mean that the show will come to Funimation, or perhaps it means a sequel; but I’m leaning towards the show coming to Funimation.. Time will tell, and hopefully, it will be soon, until then, I’ll have an update asap! UPDATE:

Paranoia Agent Visual
Image Credit: Madhouse

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