The Final Amount for The Kyoto Animation Donations are in

Continuing our ongoing Coverage of the Kyoto Animation Arson, I would remind the reader that our website will not release the name of the Arsonist out of respect for the victims and people affected by the recent tragedy.

Image Credit: Kyoto Animation

It has been over six months since the Kyoto Arson that took the lives of 36 and injured 33 employees of the beloved Animation Studio, while the fires raged on, the fans poured their hearts out and offered their support to the studio. Months after the tragedy over ¥3.34 billion yen ($30.4 Million US Dollars) according to Yahoo News’s recent report.

Demolition of First Studio
Image Credit: Nifty News

Kyoto Governor Takatoshi Nishiwaki recently spoke in a press conference on January 17th, explaining that a committee has been set up to distribute the money effectively between the victims and their families from the donation bank account that was set up by Kyoto Studio that closed on December 27th.

Deliver the feelings received from Japan and overseas as soon as possible” by giving the money over, “it takes time to collect information on victims.

Kyoto Governor, Takatoshi Nishiwaki

Questionnaires were sent out to the victims and the families to help the committee determine the allocation amount per victim on a range of issues, including children that were left without a parent, long-lasting injuries or lost wages. Nishiwaki went onto saying “everyone’s individual circumstances are different, and there are many items to consider.” The Majority of the Questionnaires from the families have already been returned to the committee and a meeting will be held in Early February.


Kyodo News reported that compensation to the families of the deceased has already begun, approvals have already been sent out as early as last November. The payments are based on compensation given to families and victims of the 1995 sarin gas attack in Tokyo because it was considered a “Work-Related” Crime.

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Sources at NHK-World Japan report that the Arsonist has recovered enough from his burn wounds to speak clearly, the Police plan to arrest him when he is well enough to enter detention. He is unable to stand or eat unassisted, but as NHK-World Japan has mentioned that he can speak clearly and is able to hold a conversation with nurses or other people.

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