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Our review for today finds us on a Semi-Normal Day, we meet a Dominican-American teenager named ‘Luz’, who wants to be a witch but her mother wants her just to be a normal girl. So Luz is being sent off to a summer camp where she can be taught how to be “Normal.” Then one day she is transported to a new world where Demons and Magic are real! She then meets a Witch named Eda; from that day forth, Luz’s life will never be the same again! The Owl House was created by Dana Terrace, known for her work in Gravity Falls, Duck Tales and the 2012 Short Animated Film called Mirage. The show has met with some scrutiny, some Religious Groups claim that Disney is trying to teach children how to do witchcraft or summon demons if that was true then there would be a lot of people trying to make their lives easier after watching past Disney Movies, Harry Potter Books/ Films, and sessions of Dungeons & Dragons become way too real. Let’s get onto our review!

The Owl House is a Trio Genre, Fantasy, Horror, and Comedy; if you’re a fan of Gravity Falls then buddy, this is your show! Following in the footsteps of Gravity Falls, it has one of the most intriguing Lore; The Backstory of Eda is one of the secrets of the show so far and it makes me curious to see how this plays out for the series and for the Boiling Isles. Speaking of the Isles, how did it get there? What happened to it? And how is it connected to the Fallen Titan? One of the most interesting things that the first episode mentioned was what Eda described humans knowing about the creatures that have come from Fantasy Books and Mythology are creatures from the Demon World seeping into the Real World. The humor doesn’t go over the viewer’s head and the animation style is reminiscent of Star Vs. The Forces of Evil and that sticks out such as Amphibia and Infinity Train; it is clear to see that Dana Terrace’s show is off to a good start and is a promising addition to Disney’s animation library, as for the negative remarks towards this show, Get over it.

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