Authors raise money for Australia Brushfire Crisis

Ever since September 2019, the Brushfires have been stretching across the Southern and Eastern Coast, affecting areas such as Sydney and Adelaide. With celebrities donating money for relief efforts, there are well-known Authors who are also contributing to the relief effort for Australia and the people affected by the brushfire crisis.

Recently in the Sydney Morning Herald, they interviewed authors Emily Gale and Nova Weetman, both came up for the idea “Authors for Fireys” a fundraiser that involves authors selling their work on social media, the one who has the biggest donation will receive the work and their donation will go to Victoria County’s Fire Authority.

Image Credit: Authors for Fireys
Guide for the Author for Fireys Auction.

Listed above this paragraph is a guideline and an explanation of what the Authors for Fireys Auction are about, Emily Gale mentioned that she borrowed the idea from fellow author Zana Fraillon; who raised money for refugees because it distributed to the fundraising workload, instead of being part of the centralized fundraising committee or a donations website, anyone can offer an item up for auction on Social Media and use the hashtag #AuthorsforFireys.

Erica Miller’s Recent Announcement on Social Media; the current options for donating in each state.

For more on Authors for Fireys, head over to their website or you can read the Sydney Morning News’s Interview here. Also, here is a list of places you can donate to for people who are affected by the Brushfire.

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